Dog Bone Pet Tag

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Dog Bone Pet Tag
Does your dog have a bone to pick with you? Or is it vice versa?
  • Our unique dog bone pet tags are created from vibrant acrylic mirror. This material enables them to reflect better than other tags. The polished edges will catch the attention of all your pet's admirers.
  • Your dog will appreciate the FREE ENGRAVING on our bone pet tags. The engraving can be customized in several styles and colors so you can get just the right look for your dog.
  • Easily slip the special ring on to your pet's collar without tools.

Dog Bone Pet Tags with your dog's name engraved FREE!

Available in single and double-sided acrylic mirror, our dog bone pet tags are custom made in the USA. When single-sided, they are 1/8" thick mirror on the front side only. The double-sided bone pet tags are 3/16" thick with an extra silver mirror on the back. This makes the pet id tags even stronger and more spectacular.

  • Size:  1  5/8 "  x  1  1/8 "

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